Adult Community Groups


Our Adult Community Groups meet Sundays at 9:30 a.m. and other times during the week (both on campus and off campus). Our groups emphasize three things: Studying the Bible together and applying what is learned; Ministering through the class; & Reaching out to those not there yet. If you would like to experience community through one of our groups, stop by the Welcome Center for more information.


Class Name     Age Range Teacher/Facilitator   Topic/Book
Heart Changers  Woman’s Group Kristi Annon John
Seekers  All Ages Foose Genesis
Hope       All Ages Haygood John
Hybrids  20-30s Culver John
College & Career  18-20s Pendergrass John
Disciplemakers  40s-50s Lipscomb John
Entheos  40s-60s Skipwith Gospel Project
In-Depth 50+ Ritchie John
Gleaners  Women’s Group Mooney Bible Studies for Life
Encouragers  Women’s Group Morgan/Orange Walk Through the Bible