Young Adults

At Bethany Place, we strive to reach the next generation. It is our goal to encourage Young Adults to not just participate in activities, but be Servant Leaders among the church. As God leads, doors are opened for them to build their own ministries within the church and extend that call outside into the community. Our prayer for the Young Adult Ministries is to live out Christ among their community, making disciples who make disciples within the next generation. Our purpose is to empower young adults to fulfill God's call in their lives as vital parts of the body of Christ.

Though the Young Adult Ministry has a set time they meet each Sunday Morning, they also participate and meet together for Fellowship outside the church walls. Our Young Adults are very active in the church and their community living out their walk with Christ. For more information about this ministry please email:

Sunday Morning:

Currently, young adult ministry from ages 18-29 meet together at 9:30am each Sunday morning. We gather for Bible study, meaningful discussion, encouragement, and prayer. The purpose and focus of this time is to encourage practical applications of the word of God in their daily lives as they face challenges in the form of trials, and through triumphs as we seek to live out the gospel within the community. Currently, the young adult ministry is studying The Gospel Project in a church-wide study.

Wednesday Evening:

At Bethany Place, we encourage our Young Adults to participate in helping out with one of our Children's or Student's Ministry, or participate in an Equipping Groups week night class.